Can I buy an iridium 9555 satellite phone outright in Australia?

Nearly all the Satellite phone retail outlets including Telstra and Pivotel will not allow you to buy the Iridium handsets from them without a plan or pre paid sim card. So that's where the myth started. The big boys controlled the game and you the consumer suffered as a result of that.

At Satellite Phone Sales however we believe if we are not good enough with our pricing and service to get you business and airtime then we should get it at all.

Resulting in you being able to buy an iridium 9555 satellite phone outright with no plan or pre paid sim card. However you will need an iridium sim to go in the phone, so please take a look at our iridium airtime plans as we believe we are extremely competitive with just a 12 month contract available rather than 24 months like all the others.

We also have a host of pre paid sims that require no contract so why not talk it over with one our experts today on 1300 197 600

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