Can I buy an Isatphone pro outright in Australia?

One the of he most common questions we get asked especially at the caravan or 4wheel drive shows.

The answer is yes you can although you will need some airtime from Inmarsat the suppliers of the
isatphone pro to be able to make or receive a call.

So at this point you have a choice of a prepaid sim card with an expiry validity or you go airtime 

The decision is normally based on whether you will only be casually using your new
Isatphone satellite phone or whether you will using it regularly. If its a very casual emergency use.
You might well just buy a pre paid sim card or 50 or 100 minutes that could last up to 3 months. 

If however you are going bush and will be away (even off and on) and don't want the inconvenience
of not having to top you pre paid sim you will purchase a 12 month contract. This would give you
peace of mind that it will always be available at any time. To find out more about airtime plans
simply call us on 1300 197 600 to discuss your personally tailored needs for your Isatphone pro.

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