Can I send or receive emails with my isatphone pro satellite phone?

The immediate answer is yes you can send and receive emails from your Isatphone pro satellite phone. The reality is however that as a data transfer unit it is slow and cumbersome. At just 2.4 kbps it will be a slow transfer of any data.

You can however assist things by changing your settings on your laptop or computer so as to take out all images and signatures as these take up considerable bandwidth. The Isatphone pro satellite phone comes equipped with a usb cable so as to attach itself to your computer and be used as a direct modem.

 It also comes with a download disk which will assist in the opening of  a server window. It is recommended to use dial in mail or sometimes called webmail.

To answer more questions about your new satellite phone and how to send and receive emails why not call us on 1300 197 600

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