Can I sms text using my iridium 9555 sat phone worldwide?

Yes you can use your iridium 9555 satphone from anywhere in the world as it doesn't use the standard cellular towers.

Simply use the telephone as normal in sending a text however in our experience there is catch. Not all sms texts get through to the end user. This has nothing to do with the satellite phone or airtime supplier as it has done what you requested. It has sent the sms via the satellite network.

But, to reach its destination it must pass through a land base station of the supplier whom you are contact. That may be Telstra or Optus or vodaphone. The problem is that often as these cellular suppliers don't make money from this transaction they will often not have the switch on in the base station to allow an international sms in to their system.

So our advice is to make sure that who ever you are sending the sms too that they make contact with you to confirm they have received your text. So how can they do that for free?

Well at Satellite phone sales under the airtime tab you will find a free sms function that we offer our clients. Anyone who wishes to make contact with you or reply to a text can go to their computer, type in our web address click on the iridium sms tab under airtime and send you an sms free of charge confirming receipt.

To find out more simply call us on 1300 197 600 to discuss this option further.

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