Can I sms text using my Iridium 9575 Satphone Worldwide

Can I sms text using my Iridium 9575 Satphone Worldwide

The answer is yes you can, however texting directly from or to any satellite phone relies on a normal mobile cellular phone carriers to pass on that text through their land base stations. 

The reality is it's just not reliable, in fact as it is an international text you are sending it works similar to if you are overseas trying to send an SMS text. Most times they simply just don't get through and it is a no fault of the satellite phone companies, it is in fact the land base stations of the cellular networks. 

However to solve that problem satellite phone have created an SMS button on their main menu bar for you on their website to which you can give their website address to anyone who may go there, click on the SMS button and in the main menu bar, press on the iridium tab, put in the telephone number you're trying to reach on the iridium network and simply send a text message free of charge to both parties . 

That means you as the satellite phone receiver do not pay and more importantly the sender doesn't pay. So if you are paying the land phone home bill you might not want your daughter or your wife calling you just to do idle chitchat, so they can go to their computer and send you an SMS and agree a time to you to call back as often this is cheaper to call from your satellite phone than pay the call charges from your domestic supplier. And what's more it's free, you see each landline provider charges you to phone a satellite phone numbers and the satellite phone receiver but the person who is making the call. So if you're paying the bills at home keeping costs down may be important. We've seen this when we've seen that Telstra can charge anything from $5-$20 per minute per you to call a satellite phone and that hurts . 

When you're paying the bill it may be easier to get a message sent to you for free and when you're only paying maybe $.80cents per 30 seconds, that you might want to call them back. So yes you can send SMS text messages from a satellite phone but if I were to do so, and from any satellite network, I would ask the recipient to send me confirmation that they received my SMS. I hope you enjoy this advice my name is John Whitley from satellite phones direct bring you helpful tips re satellite phones.

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