How can I top up my Isatphone pro prepaid Sim card.

A common question we get is” how do you top up the pre-paid iinmarsat Sim card?. T

The most common iridium pre-paid card is a 100 minute,  730 day option. However this is based on a use it or lose it basis Iridium allow you 730 days in which to use your 100 minute prepaid, if you do not use all your minutes and you choose not to top up at the end of the 730 days you will lose them.

On top of that, with an Iisatphone pro prepaid you will also lose your telephone number and the Sim card becomes dead. So although prepaid card can be convenient if you're using your iridium satellite phone only for a very short burst of time and then  put it away in the cupboard,  it also has issues in regards to its flexibility. 

This is on purpose you see a Inmarsat have 3 series 4  satellites up in the sky and the prepaid option doesn't really give them consistent income to be able to maintain those satellites. So in order to maintain them most prefer online contracts which have a monthly access fee.

However prepaid option does exist with the inmarsat satellite phone system in Australia but  will stop after your two years and or 100 minutes (if that’s chosen amount) whatever has come first. You may extend the time period before it runs out for a further  dollar amount if you have not used your whole 100 minutes.

However once you‘re 100 minutes has run out you need to top up your prepaid card if you wish to maintain your current telephone number. 

To do this, all you would do is call one 1300 155 803 or go to the  website and they will top up your card whilst online. This will go directly to your phone matter where you are in the world.

Also within the interface of the Isatphone pro,  it will  tell you how much you have remaining after each cal, l if you're not sure press on the menu bar and scroll down.

However for the short burst user, the  Isatphone pro satellite phone with the prepaid contract is a very easy option when you're not using the phone, and for  the rest of the year its dormant  and don't want to pay costly monthly access fees needlessly.

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