How much does it cost me to call an isatphone pro from a landline in Australia?

One of the questions we get asked by nearly everyone who are not familiar with Satellite phones no matter which suppliers is what the cost of calling it.
The reality is it will vary as each of you have a different landline supplier and they will have a charge set out in their schedule and contract with you for calling internationally and then also calling a satellite phone.  
What can advise is we have seen charges from Telstra from our clients of up to $20 per minute when phoning an Inmarsat isatphone pro satellite phone and substantially less when phoning an iridium satellite phone.
Reason we can only summise is that Telstra are a supplier of Iridium and not Inmarsat products. But that's just our take on it, I'm sure they can give you their reasons for it being substantially more. However if this ever happens to you simply go to the communications enquiry board and they will take it up with Telstra on your behalf. 
However there a way for friends, family and work to contact you and it cost nothing to both parties. Watch this video to learn how to get a free service supplied by Satellitephonesdirect to you as one of our customers.

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