How To Choose The Right Satellite Phone Provider

There are a lot of fun activities you can take part in when traveling to Australia. The Great Outback certainly has a lot to offer but if you’re going somewhere that remote where there are few to no mobile phone towers in most areas, you’re going to want to have a satellite phone handy. If you think of your life now and how often you use your mobile phone, just think of how important it could be when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.


Satellite phones offer great reception in Australia because most of the land is open. Satellites in the sky pointing down towards the ground offer reception for the phones so as long as you are somewhere out in the open you’ll be able to use your satellite phone. Now it’s just a matter of deciding on a satellite phone and satellite phone provider. 


Making The Choice


Usually it’s easier to decide on the type of phone you want and then choose which provider you want. The Thuraya satellite phones are quite popular. Take the Thuraya XT which is the latest model released. This phone is considered as being one of the world’s toughest phones, used by miners and geologists all around the world. The XT truly shows what Thuraya is all about -quality, performance and durability. It’s a rugged and reliable phone that can withstand the harshest environment and help keep you connected no matter where you go.


One of the best features of the Thuraya XT is that it boasts the longest battery life of any satellite handset, not just by Thuraya but in the world. 


Whether you decide on a Thuraya or any other model of satellite phone, after you’ve made your decision you can find the right satellite phone provider. To choose a satellite phone provider, remember that your goal here should be to find a plan that’s going to be most suitable for you. If you’re only going for a few nights or weeks for instance then it’s really not going to make sense for you to sign up for a long-term plan with any provider. Choose one that offers prepaid services so you can pay money upfront for the amount of time you want on the phone.


If you’re trying to decide on a satellite phone provider, consider going with an express data phone plan. This is a plan in which data is sent and received much faster. This would be an ideal choice for someone planning to send email messages and images back and forth on their satellite phone. So if you plan to use your phone heavily, this is one plan you want to make sure your satellite phone provider offers.


Thuraya is one of the most popular satellite phone services. Since opening in 2001 they have become relied on by thousands of SAT phone users around the world. Their service works through use of geosynchronous satellites. What this means is that the Thuraya Company can be subject to more delays because of the longer journey but once a call goes through the reception is quite good. Their deals are also quite affordable and incoming calls are free. Just make sure that you’re covered in the specific area of Australia that you’re planning on traveling to. Other than that a Thuraya phone and service would be an ideal choice for your traveling. 

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