Iridium 9575 satellite Phone Arrives in Australia

Iridium 9575 satellite Phone Arrives in Australia

It looks like a Christmas release for the new the Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone into the Australian market.

Initially it was hoped that the Iridium 9575 would be in Australia for September 2011. Well it did arrive although briefly. Due to the massive demand for this new and exciting satellite phone, the Iridium 9575 will arrive into Australia around Christmas day.

"The demand for this new satellite phone is quite unbelievable" says John Whitley manager of Satellite Phones Direct. A combination of some new features with the outstanding Australian Exchange rate makes this phone an obvious choice for companies or consumers alike who want the best.

As well as being around 10% smaller than the Iridium 9555, it's the emergancy man down button and tracking component that seems to be creating the demand.

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