Iridium release new 200 Minute Pre paid sim card into Australia

After a decade of satellite phone domination, it comes as no surprise that the Inmarsat isatphone pro has eaten to some of the lucrative satellite airtime market in Australia. 




To achieve this Inmarsat bought out a global phone that was two thirds the price of the Iridium 9555 satellite phone around 24 months ago. That alone would not have been enough to take market share until they also launched a huge range of pre paid sim cards starting at just 25 minutes through to 500 minutes.




In our opinion this has taken away a lot of casual users from the Iridium network as they are now choosing the isatphone pro with a pre paid sim card rather than a 24 month airtime contract with a monthly access fee of $40 plus costs of calls and flag falls. 




So Iridium released this week in Australia only, a 200 minute pre paid sim card that will retail around AU $395 and have a six month validity. 




We see this is a very proactive move from Iridium to buy back market share. The biggest loser in this battle will be Telstra. Telstra are a reseller of the Iridium brand and airtime under the Telstra banner. 


But Telstra insist that a client signs up for a 24 month contract and do not (at the point of writing this article) offer pre paid options. 




So the big winner out of this is the Australian consumer. To find out more about the new Iridium 200 minute pre paid sim card and the Iridium range of Satellite phones contact 

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