Options For isatphone pro Satellite Phone Airtime Contracts For Caravanning In The Outback

If you’re planning to head out to the Outback to do some caravanning, it’s crucial that you bring a satellite phone along. The last thing you want is to get out there only to try your mobile phone and find out that you can’t get any reception. There are few to no mobile phone towers in most areas of the Outback and so because it’s such a remote location the nearest towers are just too far away for most mobile phones to get any decent reception.


When you buy a satellite phone and get your satellite phone airtime contracts you can feel safe knowing that you have a phone you can rely on. It’s important to have a reliable means of communication around in case of emergencies and also for professionals traveling to Australia and caravanning on business.


Getting Signed Up


If you need a satellite phone to use in Australia, it’s important to consider the different satellite phone airtime contacts and choose the plan that’s going to be most suitable for you. The Isatphone pro satellite phone provider is one of the most popular and a wise choice. Through the Inmarsat satellite phone service there are a few different satellite phone airtime contracts available.


You will have remote connectivity in not only Australia but other remote areas as well such as Africa or in fact anywhere around the Globe.


You can choose the standard satellite plan which you typically pay monthly or you can choose from one of their new pay as you go plans which are much more convenient for some people. The one-time activation fee you’re charged for a pay per view phone is $99 plus gst and then it will continue on for a 12 month term. This is unique to isatphonedirect.com.au as most other Satellite providers run a 24  month contract. When signed up with any satellite phone airtime contracts it’s important to remember the cost you’ll be charged for calling to different parts of the world are the same. This way you can keep track as you’re using the phone and not end up with a huge bill that you weren’t expecting.


For people who are going to be sending email and photo messages, these are priced a bit higher. For an international SMS message there will be a charge of 50 cents When you’re on one of the pay as you go contracts you get charged 1upto $1.50 per 30 seconds of talk time so it’s important to keep track of how much data you’re using. 


Once you’ve found the right satellite phone contract you can feel safe and head out to the Outback knowing that you’ve got a reliable SAT phone.  

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