The Safety Of Miners: Using An Iridium 9555 Pre Paid sim card

Miners in Australia are working in dangerous situations. Due to them being in  remote   areas miners also need a means of communication from themselves to the outside world. Mobile phones hardly work as it is in the Outback and even. This is where an Iridium pre paid satellite phone would come into play. Because the satellite phones rely on satellites in the sky for reception, you don’t need to worry about being around any mobile phone towers. 


Miners can rely on their satellite phones for reception no matter where they are around the mine site. This ensures the ability for constant communication at all times and also helps miners feel safer because they know that if there’s ever an emergency they have their satellite phone to call for help.


Choosing A Plan


One of the biggest troubles that people have when signing up for a Iridium pre paid sim card for their satellite phone is trying to decide which term will suit them best. There are the standard satellite service plans available but then there are also the pre paid satellite phone plans known as pre paid sim cards which are quite popular.


A lot of the fees are the same between both types of contracts but there are some major differences. For one thing with a pre paid satellite phone plan you’re able to decide how much time you want to have put on the phone and then once you run out that’s it. As a result you’re not running the risk of being surprised with a huge phone bill at the end of the month. It’s easy to get carried away and lose track of charges and fees with a mobile phone never mind a satellite phone. Even with a pre paid satellite phone there are charges every time you make a phone call or send an SMS message. 


With a pre paid plan you have the chance to decide upfront how much money you want to spend on the phone for the month and then you just have to expend that time wisely. This is a much more convenient option for many people. A lot of mining businesses stick to the pre paid plans because then the workers have a load off with not having to worry about whether they’ve gone over their limit for the month or not.


Iridium offers some fantastic pre paid satellite phone options. They are quite competitive and for a satellite call to somewhere in Australia you will only be charged around $3.00 minute. Whether local or International. The pre paid plans charge .50 cents for national SMS, 50 cents for international SMS,. 


Compared to other satellite providers out there, the Iridium pre paid satellite phone plans definitely have their advantages.  

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