Thuraya Network Closure

Thuraya Network Closure

Thuraya satellite phones can no longer be used in Australia to make or receive calls and messages, including Emergency Calls to 000.

We refer you to our notifications regarding the service outage on Thuraya 3 (T3) affecting all Thuraya users in Australia.  The most recent update was sent to you on Wednesday 29th April 2024. 

We regret to inform you that Thuraya advises they have suffered a sustained Force Majeure event to their T3 satellite causing an ongoing outage of both voice and packet services which prevents Thuraya from providing services in Australia for the foreseeable future. Thuraya has subsequently terminated the Service Provider Agreement with our Australian provider, with immediate effect, applying the Force Majeure provisions of that Agreement.

Your Thuraya services have been suspended and temporarily migrated to a $0 package prior to being deactivated within 14 days. For billing purposes, the bill you received dated 1st May 2024 will be credited and no charge taken, and a further credit for the period of the April outage will be issued shortly.

This notice only concerns Thuraya services. All other services that we provide you are not impacted.

We are very disappointed by this situation, and we understand that you will be too. We know that you rely on satellite phones and data services for critical communications. While the cause of the satellite failure is completely outside of our control. 

Where to from here: 

We will reserve the mobile number/s associated with your Thuraya service/s for up to 6 months so that you will be able to move to another satellite phone and use the same mobile number/s that you used previously should you choose to. We will be happy to discuss alternative handsets and service providers that are still currently operational in Australia and their offerings. 

To this end we are providing the 14 days’ notice of termination of your satellite phone Traffic Agreement due to Force Majeure as of today date 3 May 2024. Being that this issue leaves no other Thuraya providers in Australia. 

We recognise this is frustrating and unpleasant for all parties and as such, looking past this we are here to assist in helping you identify another satellite phone option and network. Please contact us and we will assist you as best we can. Please note that this is a major unplanned event and is likely to impact response times in our team.

Please note - we are genuinely here to help in any way we can, although limited, as we are in the same position with over 200 handsets in our fleet with no recourse also. When calling to discuss please be courteous to our staff, they have not caused this problem and are here to help and not to be abused.

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