Using The Thuraya Satellite Phone On Walking Expeditions In Australia

Walking expeditions in Australia can really be a lot of fun. The Great Outback is truly a place like no other and a wonder to see up close with your own eyes. Thousands of trekkers go on walking adventures in Australia every year. When you’re travelling out that far to such a remote location, it’s important to understand that there are not regular mobile phone towers as there are in the big towns and cities that you’re probably used to.


Therefore you’re going to need to take along a satellite phone. If at any point you need to communicate with anyone via telephone, you’ll see if you try your mobile phone that you aren’t able to get any reception. Because the satellite phones rely on powerful satellites in the sky, this isn’t an issue that you will ever have with a SAT phone.


Thuraya Satellite Phone Lineup


If you’re looking for a satellite phone one name that should stay with you is Thuraya. As one of the world’s leading satellite phone brands, you know that these are phones you can trust in. now it will just be a matter of you taking the time to learn about each and decide on which of the Thuraya phones will be most suitable for you. 


There is the Thuraya XT for one, which is known as being one of the world’s toughest, most durable satellite phones. This Thuraya satellite phone is their latest model to be released and is designed to withstand the harshest environments. It helps keep you connected even in the most remote areas. With it you can access the Internet wherever you are and easily send and receive emails. The reliability of this phone is what makes it so great, as it boasts the longest battery life of all satellite handsets on the market today.


Another popular Thuraya satellite phone and one that would be well suited for walking expeditions and other activities in Australia is the SG-2520. This phone is much lighter than the Thuraya and while it isn’t as advanced it still has its own share of features to offer. This is an advanced smart phone that features GSM tri-band and GPS. The phone has the perfect combination of quality and performance. It also has an extended battery life so there’s no worry of it dying on you when you’re out on an expedition or adventure. Just make sure that if you’re staying longer than a day, you charge the phone at night while you’re in bed so that the battery power will be fully charged when you head out the next day.


The third phone in the Thuraya lineup is the SO-2510. This phone is super portable and yet extremely powerful. It offers users complete convenience because it’s so easy to carry around. It’s dust and dirt resistant so even if you end up crawling up the mountainside there’s no need to worry.


It’s easy to see the Thuraya satellite phone company has a lot to offer. When you need power and reliability, it’s a name you can trust in. Just be sure to review all the details and choose the phone that’s going to be most suitable for you and your plans.

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