Beam Iridium 9575 Beam Drive Dock Extreme

Beam Iridium 9575 Beam Drive Dock Extreme

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iridium 9575 Beam car kit

BEAM DriveDOCK Extreme hands-free docking solution provides a high quality transport installation for the Iridium Extreme handset. The docking station has in-built echo cancelling and full duplex technologies to provide superior voice quality and professional hands-free or privacy calls for any vehicle or aircraft*. Learn more about this docking station and why it might be perfect for your sat phone requirements across Australia and beyond.

Iridium Satellite Phone Equipment - Key Benefits & Features
• Slim line compact installation
• Integrated Bluetooth connectivity
• Hands-free installation
• Privacy Handset options
• Voice, SMS, SBD and Circuit Switched Data capable
• Tracking and SOS (via the 9575 Handset Functions)
• USB data interface
• Accessory / Ignition sense
• Full certified, Iridium, RoHS, CE, IEC60945, AS/EN60950
• 2 year repair or replacement warranty

Pair with the Iridium Satellite Phone Handset
The Iridium Extreme handset fits securely in the dock, which features USB and serial data connectivity, phone charging and integrated antenna, data and power connection making it possible to keep all antenna cables and power permanently connected to the DriveDOCK ready for use.

The Iridium Extreme handset fits securely in the docking station with an easy click to lock mechanism that can be inserted and removed with a press of a button. It is purposely built to allow you to utilize the SOS emergency button and the ear-piece jack whilst docked.

* Independent Aeronautical certification MUST be gained prior to installation.

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Buy the Beam DriveDock through Satellite Phones Direct. We are #1 in Australia for sat phone equipment thanks to competitive pricing, helpful customer service, and a secure online ordering platform. This docking station will help you stay connected on your next cruise, business trip, air travel, or commercial expedition.

Fits Model: universal


DriveDOCK Extreme CRADLE -Uses:
. All types of vehicles
. Trucks, Buses, Trains, Construction, Recreation
. Hands-free voice communications
. Integrated voice communications
. Fixed site applications
. Aircraft integrated communications
. Helicopter integrated communications
. Securely holds Iridium Extreme handset
. Robust design and construction
. Charges Iridium Extreme handset ready for use
  Integrated antenna connection, Iridium & GPS
. Integrated USB connectivity

. In-built echo cancelling
. Full duplex technology
. Superior voice quality
. Triggering of Quick GPS
. Interfaces to BEAM’s MyBuddy Extreme
. Option of additional wired alert buttons
. Interfaces to BEAM’s MyBuddy Extreme
. Supports Iridium Extreme SOS
IN-BUILT RINGER - In-built ringer for enhanced ring indication
VOICE, DATA, SMS, SBD - Supports all Iridium voice, data, SMS & SBD services
PRIVACY HANDSET (OPTIONAL) - Supports optional BEAM Privacy handset
. Auto answer when taken out of cup
. Switches between handset and handsfree modes


Rated Input - 9-32V DC, 2A max
Average Power Consumption - Current Power@ 12V DC, Watts
Standby - 70mA 0.84W
Transmit + Charging - 0.7A 8.4W 
Sleep Mode - 5mA 60mW
External Speaker and Microphone - One horizontal 2-pin Microfit connector on the cable loom for speaker and one vertical 2-pin Microfit connector for microphone
Privacy Handset (Line In/Out) - 4-pole 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom of the DriveDOCK cradle
Data Port (USB) - USB Mini-B 5-pin female (USB Slave). USB 2.0 compliant, CDC Serial profile
Alarm (Alert) Loop1 input, 1 output - Alarm Mode:“Normally-Closed” Loop IN to OUT Up to 45m cable run / multiple buttons in series. Brown wire is Input, Green wire is Output
Power Cable - 4-way Microfit socket. +Vin (Red wire), 0V (GND, Black wire), and ACC (On/Off Sense, Yellow wire). 9-32VDC tolerant. ACC sense: High(1) > +7Vdc Low (0) 0V < +5Vdc.
Horn Output / Audio System Mute - Green wire on the cable loom. Open collector output can be interfaced to 12 or 24VDC with up to 120mA current sink capability
Environmental - Operate Temp. Range*
DriveDOCK Extreme -30°C to +70°C Extreme Handset -10°C to +55°C
Charging Temp. Range* - 0°C to 45°C 
Operating Humidity Range - < 85% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature - -35°C to +85°C 
Weight  - Cradle 0.48kg (1.1 lbs) 
EMC Compliance - EN301489-1/-20
RoHS - Full compliant RoHS Directive EU 2002/95/EC (All 6 substances
* When Extreme Battery is fully charged
# Derived from the charging temperature range of the Iridium Extreme handset battery.
This is the temperature that the battery reaches whilst charging, which is always warmer than the air temperature. Also allow for tolerance variation of the cutoff temperature in the Iridium battery.

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